Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ready, Set, Miss!

Normally, I try my very best to have a positive outlook when it comes to World of Warplanes, despite some interesting occurrences over the years.

With Update 1.9.11 being released today, I obviously couldn't play a single battle until the client version matched the server version. The Update came in very slowly through Game Center client and seemed to be of equal snail pace to install. After watching the paint dry and grass grow, I was finally ready to go.

In keeping with the upcoming Dunkirk theme, I picked a plane I haven't flown in a very long time, the tier VIII Supermarine Spitfire XIV. Without going into specific details, three disasters in a row. The plane felt very nose heavy and aiming the 20 mm cannons felt impossible. I decided after the last defeat to restart my system, thinking there was a problem on my end.

Restart: Check. Clear WOWP Cache: Check. All programs running the latest version: Check. No background programs running: Check. Bandwidth available: Optimal. All indicators are in the green.

After all of that was done and rechecked for redundancy sake, I picked the premium tier V Vickers Venom for the test flight....

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