Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Six Two

There wasn't any de Havilland Mosquitos on hand during the Battle of Dunkirk. In fact, they wouldn't see the Battle of Britain either, since the first flight of the prototype would take place in November of 1940.

However, I decided to buy back this star of both "633 Squadron" and "Mosquito Squadron" ("The Purple Plain" gets an honorable mention) to help with my progress through the Operation Dynamo event in World of Warplanes....

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Six One

For the "30 victories needed" portion of World of Warplane's Operation Dynamo, I have decided to do things a little on the random side.

Without rhyme or reason, I will pick any available British aircraft from my garage carousel and just fly and fight. Then, after every sixth win, I will make a video showcasing the performance and results. With the first and sixth victories out of the way, only four more videos to complete this short series (somebody will crack my little math code, I just know it)!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Pulling a Rabbit from Thin Air

Part Two for the Operation Dynamo event in World of Warplanes is underway and things have started a very magical way.

I am almost at a total loss for words on how to even describe the results from what I just experienced, good thing I could just show it in a video....

Saturday, 22 July 2017

An Obstacle to a Kill

With the next chapter of Operation Dynamo about to begin very soon, I thought I would take out my tier VIII Supermarine Spitfire XIV for it's collection of the X3 Daily in the meantime. It has been somewhat difficult these past few days to find time to play more, between work, home life and a new phase in another project that just popped up. However, I am determined to try and complete these missions and put a premium Spitfire in my hangar.

I just hope this occurrence doesn't repeat itself in the upcoming attempt....

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Smashing Victory

Much to my own surprise, I don't have that many British premium aircraft in World of Warplanes.

After a quick review and remembrance, I bought one (the Miles M.20) and earned the other four (Gloster Meteor F.I., Vickers Venom, Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Type 224). With the possibility of picking up another Supermarine offering, I decided to take a trip to the lower tiers with the first aircraft to unofficially carry the name Spitfire.

Built to meet the October 1931 Air Ministry specification F.7/30, the Type 224 first flew on February 1934. Originally built to replace the Gloster Gauntlet, the aircraft faced some pretty stiff design competition from Westland, Blackburn and Gloster themselves. 

Although the 224's fuselage design was based on the Schneider Trophy Supermarine S.6/6B floatplanes, the inverted gullwings proved to be unstable and the light weight evaporative cooling system for the Rolls-Royce Goshawk II engine failed to produce spectacular results. Because of these setbacks, the Gloster Gladiator would win the lucrative contract and became a legend in it's own right. The Type 224 would be seen for the last time by the public at Royal Air Force Display at Hendon in June 1934, then placed into storage at RAE Farnborough. In May 1937, this all all-metal monoplane would be taken away to Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment at Martlesham Heath, to be reduced to scrap, since it's new role as a gunnery target would have made quick work of the aluminum skin and airframe.

However, lessons learned form this sole prototype would become instrumental in the creation of the Supermarine Type 300, known the world over as the Spitfire.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A Short Rant and Observation

During this World of Warplanes Operation Dynamo event, I took a hard, long look at the British tree and realized just how incomplete it is.

Much like the Japanese line for the longest time, nothing much has been added to this, except for a few premium aircraft along the way and a minor shift in the early progression stages, then the Land of the Rising Sun finally received another, much needed line. Unlike Japan, the British selection hasn't been around for nearly as long, only introduced to the game shortly before the game went Live in November, 2013.

Even still, that's just about four years of....nothing. Sure, there have been rumors of stuff, but nothing really tangible came to pass (I came across a few pictures of WG/Persha staff visiting China when their server was launched a few years back, teasers of the Hawker Typhoon among others). I know I can't be the only one here, but it's long past due for some new aircraft to make an appearance for those who enjoy such assets from the Land of Tea and Crumpets.

First, there's the Hawker line. Sure, one lonely Hurricane is in the game, available at limited times/special circumstances and sporting a very bad reputation for being a not-so-good purchase. However, there were many other Hurricane variants built and other Hawker aircraft too, from the Hart and Fury, the Typhoon and Tempest, right up to the Hunter. Then, there is the one off aircraft the could fit in as premiums, like the 1927 Harrier, P.V.3/P.V.4, the Hotspur and the Tornado (a parallel prototype to the Typhoon), just to name a few.

Gloster, Avro, Vickers, Bristol, Fairey, Handley Page, and Armstrong-Whitworth (not meant to be a conclusive list) all produced aircraft that helped with the British war effort, sadly not represented in this game with very visible numbers.

At any rate, rant over, I just hope, in the not-so-far-distant-future, some more important, iconic and beloved aircraft from the "island that stood alone" make an appearance in World of Warplanes.

Something I noticed from the Dunkirk....hangar....a newspaper on the ground, just below the left wing root....

 It turns out the be a copy of the May 31st, 1940 Daily Express!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Making Ace in a Spitfire

For me, one of the goals for achievement while flying a Fighter, Heavy Fighter or Multirole planes is "Making Ace," collecting that token that shows I had a hand at taking out five enemy aircraft in a battle.

Some appear to pull this feat off with little to no effort, others, like myself, have to either plan everything out and hope it all falls into place, recognize and take advantage of a situation as it unfolds or bank on extraordinary circumstances that wouldn't be possible under normal conditions. Especially with the recent server connection and network issues.

Watch for yourself and tell which one of the above happened here....

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Pardon the Interruption

I was going to name this "When Gremlins Strike" but went with another title. Watch this World of Warplanes video and see why I should have went with the first one....

The Mark V Hero

"People say that after the Battle of Trafalgar, England was safe from invasion for ever. But if it wasn’t for the Spitfire, we would have been invaded in 1940."

As much as I wanted the first win in this Operation Dynamo event to be claimed in the Hawker Hurricane, the victory I wanted to close out the first leg of this journey was to be with a Supermarine Spitfire. This had been my plan all along and it went off without a hitch, it was the in-between stuff I had to figure out on the fly.

In another town, just up the road from where I am, there is a place called the Spitfire Lounge and Grill. I have never eaten there, nor taken part in other activities attached to the establishment, but the fact they put a plane on the roof, yeah, I just had to add this to something....somewhere. Granted, it's not a real airplane, it is a very faithful, full-size replica that captures it's very essence and sparks the imagination.

To a reality just out of reach, to a plane I will never really fly, here's to you Spitfire....

Friday, 14 July 2017

A Dingo in Echidna's Clothing

Call it fortunate timing, but I have the house all to myself.

With the family gone for the whole weekend (starting with today), I decided to pull a marathon in World of Warplanes in an attempt to finish the first phase of the Operation Dynamo event. After running through the selection of British aircraft in my hangar (and another deciding factor of network reliability), the tier III Wirraway proved to be the most effective at collecting most of the 50 kills required.

It wasn't so much a matter of skill as it was a matter of numbers.

Let me explain here. At the mid to higher tiers, aircraft hitpoints (depending on class) increase exponentially. Some would be quick to point out that potential damage output does as well. I would agree with them. However, when with these two factors came into play, an unforeseen obstacle reared it's head....


There were sporadic connection issues with the main server tonight that made firing large caliber cannons and landing successful shots an effort in frustration, target tracking was like watching ballet that started and stopped whenever it wanted and my aircraft were concrete blocks that were somehow flying, but not very well. Mid to high tier dogfighting wasn't going to cut it for me, I just couldn't make it work under those conditions.

Remembering the last time I suffered through this, I had fired up the German Me 329 and "mowed the lawn." But, there were two things I had to consider. One, I had restricted myself to completing Operation Dynamo using nothing but British (Commonwealth) aircraft. Two, I had to shoot down planes, not attack ground targets, for this to count. I needed a low tiered plane that could shoot fast, remove enemies from the sky quickly, take a few hits and be comfortable/familiar enough should the dreaded lag strike that I could actually increase my own chances for survival.

Since there was only one plane for the job, I stripped it down and went off....

The lag was tolerable enough to complete the task and I rolled the dice, one last time, the final hurdle of collecting a win to seal the deal.

Who can guess what I used to pull that one off? The article and video of that, tomorrow.

The Other Dunkirk Defender

“If the present rate of wastage continues for another fortnight, we shall not have a single Hurricane left in France or in this country.”

Most people, when asked about a famous British aircraft of World War II, almost immediately remember the Supermarine Spitfire. This plane, from the original prototype to the final variant, has achieved a mythological status in modern times.

However, the Hawker Hurricane, despite making up the bulk of Royal Air Force Fighter Command's strength and entire squadrons of these aircraft deployed overseas at the time of the Dunkirk evacuation, has become merely a footnote in history. Even in World of Warplanes, there are four Spitfire marks (plus a German captured version), but only one Hurricane.

Although the Mark IID never flew over the skies of Dunkirk, I was determined to collect my first win in this forgotten hero....

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Operation Dynamo

Dunkirk, the upcoming epic from Christopher Nolan, is one of those movies I have been waiting for with baited breath.

When I was much younger, I hung out and listened to a small group of veterans recount their version of events that took place on that beach during those perilous times. One of them even claimed to be a pilot, helping to providing air cover for the evacuation. 

Was it true or fantasy? I will never know for sure, since all of them have been gone many years now, but the stories they told....

With World of Warplanes launching their Operation Dynamo event, I took a look at the requirements and made my decision on a course of action. I am not exactly sure just how much gametime I will have available over the next while, so I have settled on attempting one of the two aircraft that can be earned during this special.

It may or may not come as a shock to some, but the Spitfire is the prize I will try my very best to attain. Of all the propeller powered fighters of World War II, the Supermarine Spitfire is my second favorite choice that actually saw service (the Hawker Hurricane beats it out for the top spot in my books). Every chance I have to see one (or a faithful replica) in the real world, let alone touch one, I make the time for it to happen.

So, with this opportunity to earn a mid-tier premium version of this iconic aircraft, I will give it my best shot to put one in my hangar.

Tally Ho!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dry Tea

Although I acquired the Spitfire XIV in World of Warplanes quite some time ago, I haven't flown it with any serious focus or intent since. Partially inspired by the upcoming Dunkirk event, I have decided to run out the rest of the month in this iconic, British aircraft.

And just like the last series, my journey through the Mustang H, this scourge of the Luftwaffe brings a new learning curve for strengths and shortcomings....

Monday, 10 July 2017

Spit Fire Indeed

After taking a few days break from World of Warplanes and reading over some posts and replies to others having a similar connection problem, I have tried the "bypass Game Center client" solution and took to the skies in the tier VIII Supermarine Spitfire XIV. After flying the Mustang H this past while and other Boom and Zoom aircraft for even longer, this aircraft brings a much different feel than what I have just started to get used to. And, those slow British 20 mm cannons....

Friday, 7 July 2017

In der Zwischenzeit

Another round of ugh....

In my fantasy life, I would have been a stellar fighter pilot, with nerves of steel and reflexes of lighting, dropping enemy aircraft from the skies through my eagle eyed perception of the aerial battlefield. In reality, if I lived in those times, I might have been lucky enough to pass the medical to be a gunner or bombardier on a much larger aircraft, being a pilot or copilot on one of those might have pushed things to the extreme.

Since World of Warplanes Update 1.9.11, reality has seriously encroached into my fantasy world. I am not blaming all of my newfound problems on this patch, but it's more than a coincidence I am experiencing certain issues that were nonexistent just a few days ago. Unlike many threads and posts that have brought up similar situations in the past (mostly poorly worded complaints), I have decided to take another approach (as opposed to submitting tickets to Support and, well, most of us know how the rest of that story goes).

I am open to suggestions from you, the playerbase, on what the problem could be and how to go about trying to fix it (if that is at all possible). Now, before some of you start throwing out some wild and technical ideas/solutions, take a second and consider this. Pretend for a moment that I have never seen a computer before. Seriously. Explain what you think the problem could be and offer up a step by step solution to test that theory as if I have awoke from a coma from the 1940's. Sometimes, a great idea is lost in all the technobabble and can make a situation worse.

In the meantime, I have just about given up on flying anything that requires altitude, speed and accuracy against moving targets. The fluctuating ping and packet loss made the first three battles for today a chore in futility. So, instead of stewing in the less than ideal situation, I went back to my roots in Planes, a class of aircraft I have more confidence in flying in these odd times....

Pretty boring, compared to usual high flying action, huh?

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ready, Set, Miss!

Normally, I try my very best to have a positive outlook when it comes to World of Warplanes, despite some interesting occurrences over the years.

With Update 1.9.11 being released today, I obviously couldn't play a single battle until the client version matched the server version. The Update came in very slowly through Game Center client and seemed to be of equal snail pace to install. After watching the paint dry and grass grow, I was finally ready to go.

In keeping with the upcoming Dunkirk theme, I picked a plane I haven't flown in a very long time, the tier VIII Supermarine Spitfire XIV. Without going into specific details, three disasters in a row. The plane felt very nose heavy and aiming the 20 mm cannons felt impossible. I decided after the last defeat to restart my system, thinking there was a problem on my end.

Restart: Check. Clear WOWP Cache: Check. All programs running the latest version: Check. No background programs running: Check. Bandwidth available: Optimal. All indicators are in the green.

After all of that was done and rechecked for redundancy sake, I picked the premium tier V Vickers Venom for the test flight....

Monday, 3 July 2017

For Those Who Don't Believe In Luck....

There are countless recorded situations where certain actions and/or outcomes are unexplainable. 

Throughout real life history, a strange combination of people, places, things and timing have occurred and later become the stuff of legends, or myths, depending on your perspective. With the advent of social media and more people capturing unbelievable moments from our own modern times, only reinforces there is more going on than what we believe we are in control of.

Same thing is true in video games, like World of Warplanes. Despite being nothing more than a collection of calculations, brought to life to our senses through audio and visual output, there is the often denied luck factor from certain players. Some have discovered these subtle to hidden variables and achieved great success "cracking the code," with a few openly sharing their findings. Others have falsely claimed it was their pure skill alone that pulled off impossible actions and outcomes, usually caught after the fact when questioned on how they did what they did.

As for me, I have no problem allowing Lady Luck to enter my cockpit and take over the controls, leaving me almost speechless....

Saturday, 1 July 2017

May I Be Of Assistance?

Ever have one of those battles in World of Warplanes where almost everything was going right for you, except that one crucial thing?

For some, it was a matter of not climbing up high enough at the start, for others, they forgot to load bombs onto their Attack Aircraft. For me, the tier VII Focke-Wulf Fw 190-D I used for this sortie was armed with the most frustrating "allergic to kill" ammunition....

150 and still going strong!

To those of you who were born and still live north of the 49th parallel, or moved on to other lands around the world, Happy Canada Day!

Friday, 30 June 2017

An Ostrich in an Eagle Fight

In World of Warplanes, there has been no other plane I have struggled with and produced such an array of mixed results as the tier VII XP-75 Eagle.

I have described this aircraft in the past as the Mustang's "overweight and much slower cousin" and I still stick by those words (okay, might not be an exact quote, but the essence remains intact).
However, I have decided to see if I can work with this, if I can.

With my recent adventures above tier VIII in jet Fighters not quite being the fun experience I remember, I have made the move to dial things down and spend some time with this American Heavy Fighter. I haven't abandoned my higher ambitions, just on hold for a while. One of the main reasons for doing this is the mindset of visiting some challenging and frustrating aircraft, in an attempt to add to the skillset moving forward. And, the Eagle is just such an example.

In fact, the first battle out shows how I recreated some of my old mistakes early on, before I woke up to help finish things off....

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Fraile is the Fighter

Although my first battle with the FJ-1 Fury was a successful re-introduction to the top tiers in World of Warplanes, it seems it was a prelude to a wake up call as well.

Many of the lessons that I learned from flying the Mustang H do indeed carry over to the Fury, but the game feels radically changed all of a sudden. Now, this isn't my first foray in to this territory, I have a few other aircraft of this same tier. However, mistakes felt punished almost immediately and the Fury didn't have any of the same resilient qualities I had gotten used with it's predecessor.

This isn't the game I remembered when I last played up here. To test out my suspicions, after a good run of defeats in my new American jet fighter, I switched over to it's counterpart, the Soviet Yak-19.

Here is what happened....

Monday, 26 June 2017

Moonlight Raider

Although I would prefer to play in the higher tiers, sometimes the frustration level becomes almost unbearable and dropping down to the lower tiers to blow off steam, is the right thing to do.

Take this video as an example of what I am getting at....

After a short but disappointing series of defeats in tier IX, I decided I had enough and wanted to switch things up. Throwing myself into the meat grinder versus more experienced and flighted players, predicting the outcome to myself beforehand and watching all come to pass, despite my best efforts, isn't a fun nor educational experience. Sometimes you are the bug, other times you are the windshield of the big rig, I have been around long enough to know this.

Nevertheless, I was taking a nearly equal chance by going into the lower tiers too. Down there, are some experienced players who, for whatever reason, don't advance into the mid or even higher tiers. They go by many names and titles, none of them I will repeat here, but the phrase "sharks in the kiddie pool" comes to mind.

My goal was simple, all I wanted was just a single win to end the day with....

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunset Sendoff

Even though I have moved on to the tier IX FJ-1 Fury in World of Warplanes, I will take this moment to remember the three month journey in the Mustang H to arrive where I am at right now.

I received some great advice on how to fly this particular aircraft and applied that whenever circumstances would allow it. Granted, I had a few relapses along the way and still tasted defeat by the hands of much better players, but I walk away from this experienced with a very changed perspective. Far from being a master of "Boom and Zoom," more of an appreciative enthusiast of a playstyle I had resisted to try with any level of seriousness.

Still, even during those absent minded moments, the Mustang H seemed to later forgive undesirable actions, which it would have severely punish me for early on into the journey. And, I am getting the impression this trend just might continue on with the Fury, fingers crossed.

As a farewell and thanks for the adventure video, I picked a battle from my mini-grind from just the other day. It doesn't have me collecting the most kills of the sortie, nor would I call it my best game ever in the Mustang H, it's not even one of my usual "first win" episodes. Instead, I do believe it is a culmination presentation, one where I demonstrate everything I have learned to do with Mustang H, keep my health and altitude up, picking the right targets and excising gun control for better damage effectiveness.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Furious First

Call me a fool, but I was already so close, I just had to get this goal done.

In the real world, I leave for work around the same time other families sit down for dinner, then I come home right about the time the rest of the world wakes up to start their day. Now that I framed the conditions for this achievement, I only had a mere 12,000 xp to go and with the Birthday bonuses combined with the weekend special, this fool pushed through and collected my personal reward. Rightly, I should have been asleep hours ago.

Normally when I get a new plane, I would fire up a Training Room or two and throw in a couple of bots, to get a feel for the capabilities and limitations of the new plane. However, I was in a rush to whip up a quick custom skin, get a battle out and post a video of the first flight. Despite one sortie in the FJ-1 Fury, I get the impression the journey to it was worth it, time will either confirm or correct me on this initial assessment....

Friday, 23 June 2017

Throwing Caution to the Desert Wind

With just a few days remaining for the Birthday bonuses for the Mustang H in World of Warplanes, in conjunction with this weekend's Vladimir Kokkinaki’s Birthday special, it was a real challenge to collect the maximum potential from any battle. I ran into higher skilled players who made very short work of me, players on my own team that didn't offer much in the way of assistance and sporadic packet loss that just added to the frustration level.

Just when I was on the verge of cutting my final loss for the day....

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Костиковский когти

Project 302 was a mid-War Soviet mixed-power fighter/interceptor concept that would have used a liquid fuel rocket for take-off and ramjet engines for flight.

Originally designed by Mikhail Tikhonravov over a two year period, the project was later taken over by the politicaly motivated AG Kostikov, credited by some as the father of the Katyusha, the mobile, repeating rocket weapon system. Tikhonravov would be later become infamous for coining and popularizing the term Cosmonaut, both inside and outside the Soviet Union.
In November 1942, Kostikov presented Tikhonravov's design concept to Joseph Stalin (some sources claimed he passed the project as his own) and was appointed chief designer and given funding to build two prototypes. Two air-frames were eventually built, one was used for static ground tests, while the other would fly, as a towed glider, in August 1943.

Despite the promising performance numbers of the air tunnel and glider results, the ram jet engine tests were falling short of expectations and the calculated flight time of an all rocket version was too short to be considered an effective option. The project as a whole was falling beyond schedule.

In in early 1943, the delays in the project were investigated by a commission, headed by Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev and the following February, Kostikov was found to be fully at fault, removed and imprisoned.

Later, Semyon Alekseyev would rediscover the design and research data of the Kostikov 302 and combined it with captured German engineering findings, creating the Alekseyev I-211 and I-215 fighters.

In World of Warplanes, the Kostikov 302 is a premium, tier VII Soviet Fighter, with an exceptional climb rate, thanks to it's tail-rocket engine. The ram jet engines are capable of getting the aircraft up to speed quickly, but require some time to cool down. The nose mounted cannons should be fired in short bursts, due to accuracy and heat issues. Avoid taking damage as much as possible, since the 302 isn't very durable in combat and relies on speed as it's main strength.

Here is a video that tried to cover all of these points, both the good and the bad ones....

Monday, 19 June 2017

The High and Low Ground

Sometimes, unspoken teamwork takes place to win the day.

Case in point: a sortie from this very morning, where I took to the skies in the Mustang H. Low and behold, I spot pyantoryng in a same tiered Me 329 on my team for the battle. With cameras rolling, a video where the first part of this engagement was mine, the last part was theirs, the victory was ours....

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Icy Encounter

Color me surprised, it's been three months already?

Honestly, it feels like it was just a short while ago since I put the Mustang H into my hangar in World of Warplanes. I can certainly say the last ninety days in this aircraft has been both and exciting and educational experience. Educational to the point from watching and reading how others have mastered the Boom and Zoom playstyle, importantly using high altitude to a tactical advantage, to adjusting my old habits to experiment and embrace this "different" way then what I am used to flying.

The exciting part comes from the biggest attractant for me to this game....the chase....

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Score of Four

Making Ace in World of Warplanes, that is getting five kills in a battle, can be as easy as blinking your eyes, or as challenging as juggling multiple flaming objects and not burning yourself (no gloves for protection either).

There have been times where I have seen other players just fly through the sky and the enemy aircraft just drop dead around them, like some strange sorcery was used. I have the fortunate experience of this happening to me as well, on rare occasions. Other instances, I have to really work my controls to just stay alive, let alone remove a single enemy aircraft from the battle. I am not going to even mention those frustrating times when that fifth kill was just about to happen, only to be claimed by an ally or a game crash.

Like it's almost reliant on the roll of the dice. Not an Ace, but here is my throw of Double Deuces....

Friday, 16 June 2017

Von den Wolken zum Boden

Once considered the most over-powered aircraft of the lower tiers in World of Warplanes, the German premium Messerschmitt Bf 110C-6 Heavy Fighter has weathered well the changes brought with nearly update since it's introduction. Despite heavy, sluggish controls at low altitudes (not recommended) and a slow rate of fire from it's 30 mm cannon, it is still a very dominant solo aircraft in the right hands. In a Flight with a identical twin and highly skilled players, the results can almost be predictable for the team their are on.

Long ago, this plane gained some lasting notoriety for establishing the longest wining streak of any aircraft in the game, while in a three man Flight. Even now, after not flown it in I have no idea when, a rusty solo player can still make a unforgettable presence in the aerial battlefield....

Thursday, 15 June 2017

How Low Can You Go?

Just like certain times in real life, some rules can be broken in video games. Okay, let's bend a few in World of Warplanes, specifically this battle....

I have spent a great deal of time practicing the "Boom and Zoom" playstyle, climbing up and beyond the optimal operational altitude with the tier VIII Mustang H, circling from up high and waiting to pounce on one or multiple enemies below. Far from an expert in this endeavor, but I do believe my proficiency has improved this past while.

However, I still suffer from the odd relapse and slip into a playstyle which is a total and complete opposite to what I have been practicing, other times, like this one, the canopy has to be flung open and the rule book thrown out while in a dive....

Monday, 12 June 2017

The Jousting Jet

During a sortie in World of Warplanes, I was using the tier VII Gloster Meteor over the Mediterranean Coast and get into a high altitude tangle with a very evasive enemy Bf 109G....

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Peak Performance

Every once in a while, a battle in World of Warplanes comes along and it feels like rules and restrictions are temporally suspended for me. Power climbing over the operational altitude threshold is as effortless as diving to the deck, sharp and snap maneuvers don't feel inhibited by design or ingame mechanics, weapons that take just a little longer to overheat, to name a few. I don't know if it's some kind of consistency thing or a matter of perspective, even when reviewed through watching the replay immediately after, but this isn't the first time I have noticed it.

And when that happens, I am glad that just about anything goes....sometimes even in my favor.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Channel Defender

I suppose I could count myself fortunate as to not having flown the most of the Mustang line during the "great nerfs" in World of Warplanes, so long ago now. I could have very easily gotten used to just how dominating these aircraft were, both in solo play and in flights. Then again, since I never experienced what they were before and how they were changed after, causing so many complaints from a lot of players who aren't even around anymore, it seems I missed out on those bad times, making new good ones of my own....

Thanks to battles like that and this weekend's special “Per Aspera ad Astra," it should help speed up the journey to my next goal.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Silver Sky Shark

In World of Warplanes, take a tier VIII Mustang H, strip off all but two guns, cut it's operational attitude down some and stick it in tier IV, you might come very close to the Curtiss Model 81A-1....

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

San Fran Sortie

Despite receiving and following some great advice on how to fly the Mustang H more effectively in World of Warplanes, I still have the odd bout of relapses. Sometimes, it's triggered by target fixation, that wonderful moment in a battle where it is only you and the enemy you are trying to shot down and the rest of the conflict is blissfully ignored, until your plane starts taking damage or bursts into flames.

Other times, it comes from being pursued, under fire by a very determined enemy and the only thing that matters is not taking borderline panicking eyes off that opponent chasing your tail, mashing that Help button.

Which of the two do you think I was experiencing?

Monday, 5 June 2017

Aerial Beauties

For me, the premium Messerschmitt  Me 109 TL is the one, high tiered aircraft I look forward to flying the most (unless you count my recent adventures in the Mustang H).

As an amateur enthusiast of jet powered combat planes, the 109 TL fits right in, albeit never built and in an era that has become blurred in history, thanks to games, book and electronic media. To add to the fantasy, a woman pilot capable of controlling this magnificent aircraft, who in reality, never would have seen active combat service in her time. To round things out, fill the sky with allies and opponents, both real and programmed, flying aircraft of historical significance to obscure and forgotten prototypes....

This is World of Warplanes!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Broke Bank Pony

The bank is broke, all the tokens are gone.

After a long time of saving up in World of Warplanes (I can't remember the last event that involved spending the last round of tokens), the nest egg of tokens is exhausted. Although there is an option to buy more with Gold, I have a much longer term plan for that pile of shiny. Besides, there is a ways to go before "Thor's Hammer" is over and even if I don't collect enough tokens from playing (when I can find the time), I am relatively happy with the prizes I did earn, thus far.

In the meantime, I managed to be lucky enough to select a side for the daily Confrontation, but won't be able to actively participate (real life intrudes). Will I get anything for being on the roster? I guess I will find that out later/tomorrow.

Today I tried my hand at the Yak-7 again, but I just couldn't get it to work for me. A stroke of irony I suppose, after playing the Boom and Zoom aircraft this past while, seems I now struggle with Turn and Burn planes? Go figure....

Saturday, 3 June 2017

One Kill Wonder

An early and interesting development from the Loot Crates, winning back a previously owned aircraft?

Quite literally, it has been years since I last owned the tier V Yak-7 in World of Warplanes. I sold this plane long ago to make room in my hangar for new progression assets and never gave it much of a second thought. Nothing more than an means to an end.

However, since I was rewarded with it's return and an extra hangar slot, why not take it out and see how I do with it, after flying high altitude aircraft this past while....

Friday, 2 June 2017

Arctic Fireball

My second day into the World of Warplanes "Thor's Hammer" event didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. Although I did collect some pretty good rewards from the loot crates, my attempt at a side mission wasn't as successful. The requirements were to collect some kills/damage in a Multirole aircraft and for some reason, I thought taking out the premium tier V, Lend-Lease P-40 M-105 was a good idea....

Thankfully, I was able to make up for it with a later battle in the Mustang H.