Monday, 14 August 2017

Bayside Bashing

Of all the Japanese aircraft (thus far) in World of Warplanes, there is a very close tie between tier VI Kawasaki Ki-88 and tier VII Mitsubishi J4M Senden as my favorite planes.

Both aircraft share some of the same characteristics, like being armed with two smaller caliber machine guns and a big "bye bye" cannon. Although they are excellent climbers, both also suffer from weakly powered engines, the J4M Senden does get the edge with a longer boost duration going up, the Kawasaki Ki-88 feels better in a power dive.

I could come up with more comparisons and differences and there wouldn't really be any point to it. These are two totally different aircraft, they perform unique roles based on their strengths and weaknesses. One is a fighter, the other is designated as a Multirole.

However, the Senden does bring a flexibility factor to the battle that the Ki-88 seems to lack....

Sunday, 13 August 2017


When folks talk about Boom and Zoom fighters in World of Warplanes, the North American Mustang and/or Messerschmitt Bf 109 are the usual planes that tops most people's lists. These two deadly aerial rivals overshadow an unlikely contender from a nation not know to produce aircraft in the same vein.

However, when flown by players who are far better than yours truly, their performance and results can be downright staggering....

Friday, 11 August 2017

That Won't Buff Out

It has been quite some time since I last flew the Kyushu J7W1 Shinden and was somewhat surprised to see a rather large amount of banked experience when I took to the skies in it today. I had two choices, go for the mid-grade engine or the next set of weapons, over stock. After a few minutes of seriously considering the options, such as a slightly better damage output potential, at the expense of a greatly reduced firerate, I opted for the engine and hopped it was the better decision.

Up until a certain part of the following battle, things were looking pretty good and I felt assured the new engine had worked out just fine. Then, I touched wings with a teammate and what happened after that was more of a pleasant surprise than I expected....

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Cherry Blossom in the Wind

Although the Western World has been awake for a few hours now (those on the East Coast can add a few more to that), the quiet news of this being the 72nd Anniversary of the second and final nuclear bomb drop on Japan, namely Nagasaki, isn't making the rounds on the major media outlets (although the bombing happened on August the 9th, some new agencies reported a day later, much like I am doing here). In fact, I almost forgot about it myself, if it weren't for one of my "This Day in History" notifications I get.

I suppose this is as good as inspiration as any to return to Japanese aircraft, restart flying the Navy line and perhaps, take a look at the offerings from the Army branch.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Click, Click, Boom

With Operation Dynamo in World of Warplanes over, at least for me, I am kinda at an impasse on what to do next.

Despite playing just about all my British aircraft to complete the latest mission, I find myself either wanting to start on something new or revisit some old lines that have....stalled. Until I make up my mind on the next step forward, or receive a suggestion on the something that might pique my interest, I'll just pick aircraft randomly and post awesome or interesting battle videos with a few comments.

For this time around, I picked the tier IX Yak-19 Soviet Fighter and discovered I am more than just a little rusty when it comes to flying single engine jets....

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Reward Runthrough, Soviet LaGG-3-4

Despite just writing up an article about the tier IV LaGG-3-4 a few days ago, I decided to see if I could at least top that first battle with something producing better results. I believe I pulled it off....

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Reward Runthrough, Dunkirk Spitfire

Well, I earned it, might as well fly it!

Aesthetically, the Dunkirk Spitfire in World of Warplanes mirrors the real/movie version, albeit with a few emblem additions. The camouflage pattern and coloring are a near perfect match, but the game pilot is lacking the mask the live action actors wore.

Left, Stock Spitfire I. Center, Spitfire Ia. Right, fully upgraded Spitfire I.

As you can see by the numbers above, the Dunkirk Spitfire is a lot closer to it's kited out tech tree version in many areas, over the plain offering. However, numbers don't complete the true picture of how the plane would actually perform in battle conditions, that is up to the player to decide and control....

The Dunkirk Spitfire's main strengths lie in it's spectacular maneuverability and unique pilot. I have never flown a plane like this ingame before and saying I was just impressed would be a serious understatement. With proper situational awareness and familiarity with the environment on a given map, this aircraft should be able to get itself out of most hazardous situations, if the player recognizes the danger and acts accordingly.

There is a downside to the Dunkirk Spitfire, the firepower. I am very familiar with the hitting power and heat cycle of the .303 machine guns from other British aircraft and the Ia brings a bit of disappointment to the battle with below average damage output potential. British guns are very much like paper shredders, picking apart whatever they are aimed at. But this, felt like I was shooting rubber bullets and just getting lucky by hitting the thin spots on enemy aircraft. This is my first impression and subject to change with further, future use.

Overall, is it worth it? The mission, by all means yes. Broken into three parts, Operation Dynamo could by accomplished by playing a few hours a day. Mind you that would have to be every day at a decent pace (I don't recommend sitting down and binge gaming until each part was completed. Take breaks, go for short walks, visit real people, etc).

Is it worth buying? Yes and no. If you are a serious collector or you won't have the time to complete the missions (because real life happens), then sure, go for it. For me, the price point (despite all the extras you get with it) seems a bit high for just this one aircraft (the better value is to buy the combo package and putting the Dunkirk 109 in the hangar too).

Although I have only taken to the air once in the Dunkirk Spitfire, I think I might have just found a new regular favorite.