Monday, 26 June 2017

Moonlight Raider

Although I would prefer to play in the higher tiers, sometimes the frustration level becomes almost unbearable and dropping down to the lower tiers to blow off steam, is the right thing to do.

Take this video as an example of what I am getting at....

After a short but disappointing series of defeats in tier IX, I decided I had enough and wanted to switch things up. Throwing myself into the meat grinder versus more experienced and flighted players, predicting the outcome to myself beforehand and watching all come to pass, despite my best efforts, isn't a fun nor educational experience. Sometimes you are the bug, other times you are the windshield of the big rig, I have been around long enough to know this.

Nevertheless, I was taking a nearly equal chance by going into the lower tiers too. Down there, are some experienced players who, for whatever reason, don't advance into the mid or even higher tiers. They go by many names and titles, none of them I will repeat here, but the phrase "sharks in the kiddie pool" comes to mind.

My goal was simple, all I wanted was just a single win to end the day with....

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunset Sendoff

Even though I have moved on to the tier IX FJ-1 Fury in World of Warplanes, I will take this moment to remember the three month journey in the Mustang H to arrive where I am at right now.

I received some great advice on how to fly this particular aircraft and applied that whenever circumstances would allow it. Granted, I had a few relapses along the way and still tasted defeat by the hands of much better players, but I walk away from this experienced with a very changed perspective. Far from being a master of "Boom and Zoom," more of an appreciative enthusiast of a playstyle I had resisted to try with any level of seriousness.

Still, even during those absent minded moments, the Mustang H seemed to later forgive undesirable actions, which it would have severely punish me for early on into the journey. And, I am getting the impression this trend just might continue on with the Fury, fingers crossed.

As a farewell and thanks for the adventure video, I picked a battle from my mini-grind from just the other day. It doesn't have me collecting the most kills of the sortie, nor would I call it my best game ever in the Mustang H, it's not even one of my usual "first win" episodes. Instead, I do believe it is a culmination presentation, one where I demonstrate everything I have learned to do with Mustang H, keep my health and altitude up, picking the right targets and excising gun control for better damage effectiveness.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Furious First

Call me a fool, but I was already so close, I just had to get this goal done.

In the real world, I leave for work around the same time other families sit down for dinner, then I come home right about the time the rest of the world wakes up to start their day. Now that I framed the conditions for this achievement, I only had a mere 12,000 xp to go and with the Birthday bonuses combined with the weekend special, this fool pushed through and collected my personal reward. Rightly, I should have been asleep hours ago.

Normally when I get a new plane, I would fire up a Training Room or two and throw in a couple of bots, to get a feel for the capabilities and limitations of the new plane. However, I was in a rush to whip up a quick custom skin, get a battle out and post a video of the first flight. Despite one sortie in the FJ-1 Fury, I get the impression the journey to it was worth it, time will either confirm or correct me on this initial assessment....

Friday, 23 June 2017

Throwing Caution to the Desert Wind

With just a few days remaining for the Birthday bonuses for the Mustang H in World of Warplanes, in conjunction with this weekend's Vladimir Kokkinaki’s Birthday special, it was a real challenge to collect the maximum potential from any battle. I ran into higher skilled players who made very short work of me, players on my own team that didn't offer much in the way of assistance and sporadic packet loss that just added to the frustration level.

Just when I was on the verge of cutting my final loss for the day....

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Костиковский когти

Project 302 was a mid-War Soviet mixed-power fighter/interceptor concept that would have used a liquid fuel rocket for take-off and ramjet engines for flight.

Originally designed by Mikhail Tikhonravov over a two year period, the project was later taken over by the politicaly motivated AG Kostikov, credited by some as the father of the Katyusha, the mobile, repeating rocket weapon system. Tikhonravov would be later become infamous for coining and popularizing the term Cosmonaut, both inside and outside the Soviet Union.
In November 1942, Kostikov presented Tikhonravov's design concept to Joseph Stalin (some sources claimed he passed the project as his own) and was appointed chief designer and given funding to build two prototypes. Two air-frames were eventually built, one was used for static ground tests, while the other would fly, as a towed glider, in August 1943.

Despite the promising performance numbers of the air tunnel and glider results, the ram jet engine tests were falling short of expectations and the calculated flight time of an all rocket version was too short to be considered an effective option. The project as a whole was falling beyond schedule.

In in early 1943, the delays in the project were investigated by a commission, headed by Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev and the following February, Kostikov was found to be fully at fault, removed and imprisoned.

Later, Semyon Alekseyev would rediscover the design and research data of the Kostikov 302 and combined it with captured German engineering findings, creating the Alekseyev I-211 and I-215 fighters.

In World of Warplanes, the Kostikov 302 is a premium, tier VII Soviet Fighter, with an exceptional climb rate, thanks to it's tail-rocket engine. The ram jet engines are capable of getting the aircraft up to speed quickly, but require some time to cool down. The nose mounted cannons should be fired in short bursts, due to accuracy and heat issues. Avoid taking damage as much as possible, since the 302 isn't very durable in combat and relies on speed as it's main strength.

Here is a video that tried to cover all of these points, both the good and the bad ones....

Monday, 19 June 2017

The High and Low Ground

Sometimes, unspoken teamwork takes place to win the day.

Case in point: a sortie from this very morning, where I took to the skies in the Mustang H. Low and behold, I spot pyantoryng in a same tiered Me 329 on my team for the battle. With cameras rolling, a video where the first part of this engagement was mine, the last part was theirs, the victory was ours....

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Icy Encounter

Color me surprised, it's been three months already?

Honestly, it feels like it was just a short while ago since I put the Mustang H into my hangar in World of Warplanes. I can certainly say the last ninety days in this aircraft has been both and exciting and educational experience. Educational to the point from watching and reading how others have mastered the Boom and Zoom playstyle, importantly using high altitude to a tactical advantage, to adjusting my old habits to experiment and embrace this "different" way then what I am used to flying.

The exciting part comes from the biggest attractant for me to this game....the chase....