Friday, 15 December 2017


With the Christmas Season well under way, it's time to collect all of the goodies that one can.

I might be a day late on this one, but there is currently an event underway where by just playing a single battle everyday til just after Christmas could put credits, consumables and possibly a premium plane (I wonder what the plane will be, I am expecting a tier II, III perhaps a IV) in your hangar. 

More details are here on that one.

The premium shop has a huge selection of aircraft, not normally available up for sale. I have given up on any Secret Santa surprising me with a winged wonder in my stocking, so I have an eye on one, even two mid tier planes I might gift to myself this year (one I have been waiting a very long time for, but with the changes in 2.0, I doubt I would do well with it now).

Now that I am done sounding like an underpaid salesman, on to my first reward/gift/whatever of the Season!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Return of the Tsar

It was May 18th, 2014 and I put my first tier X aircraft into my hangar, the IL-40P.

Back then, I was focused and determined to reach to the very top of the tiers and used the Soviet Attack Aircraft line to make that possible. During those times, players who flew these perceived-to-be-invincible aircraft would irritate the enemy teams with quick ground hitting, run and hide tactics, stealing away a victory for their team through a Supremacy count-out. Other players would break out of the class limitations and take their GA's into air-to-air combat, shocking red team players and cause a few uproars on the forums. Those were the good times.

This was the era of 1.3 and it was a very different game from what 2.0 is now. Sadly, I chose not to experience much of that in my new prize and after two battles, one defeat and one victory, I parked the 40P and went on to other projects.

Now, over three years later and somewhat inspired by comments of a certain player, I decided to take out this forgotten hangar queen and see if I could create some inspiration of my own.

Perhaps, I should have mapped out the rocket and bomb buttons first....

A bit of a correction here, it turns out that I did have the rocket and bomb keys mapped out.

After I watched the video and relaunched the game to review the weapons load-out, I discovered a glitch. Although the hangar showed rockets and bombs were indeed mounted, I had to remove and reinstall them to be registered as active. Tested this out in a Training room to confirm the keys were truly mapped and the ordinance was available. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Restart the Battle Clock

Although I have a pretty good idea of how the whole capture system works in 2.0, I have also been able to put an observation into words.

From my perspective, time almost stands still as I engage the neutral defensive aircraft and dodge both incoming ground fire and enemy planes in my attempt to assist turning a certain area to our side. I experience the very same phenomenon when I am supporting the defense of a captured area from being turned to the "bad guys." So, I am often surprised when I exit this temporal anomaly and realize what has been happening in the normal time reality outside.

I am not as gifted as some other players out there, since I usually have a pinpoint focus on the moment and area I am operating in. In the past, I have flighted with very talented individuals who posses an almost omnipotent ability to see the whole battle and anticipate the movements of enemies and fellow teammates alike. I doubt they are "time trapped" like I have been, on many occasions....

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Free is the Best Price!

Say, want two free premium planes?

From now until the beginning of March 2018 (or when the codes run out, whichever comes first), you can collect the tier V "Dunkirk" Spitfire Mk.Ia and the tier II Fw 56 "Stosser" (if you already have these aircraft, I am not sure what will be added to your account in their place).

Click this link and follow the onscreen instructions!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Returning Wind

Although I haven't been keeping an active, conscious count, I do believe this sandbox comes up for me, almost too much.

Despite the fact that World of Warplanes 2.0 has a limited amount of maps to battle it out over (currently eight on total), the only thing that keeps it from getting too stale in the action department is the changing objectives when the environments load and the human elements, on either team.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Four to the D, One to the W

Sometimes, I just don't know when to hold them, fold them, or when to walk away.

World of Warplanes is a lot like a like Poker, you could be dealt a game winning Royal Flush, other times it's nothing more than a questionable Pair. However, a player who knows how to read and interpret the Mini-Map can easily call obvious Bluffs.

This session was a frustrating one, with the first four battles ending in defeats.

From the onset, both teams seemed to be reasonably balanced, but I felt confident that my team held the better cards. As certain battles unfolded, the good guys were quick to capture some areas, slower on others and even a few times, cashing in to collect the pot appeared to be a certainty.

Slowly, as the sorties progressed, I realized my teammates were throwing away their good cards and building much weaker hands from the ones they were picking up. My cards were just being taken right out of my hand, despite the ever increasing grip I had on them.

At Battle Three, I came close to Folding and just walking away, but had this feeling the next round would be mine. Turned out the timing was a little off and I would finally collect a decent Straight Flush on Battle Five....

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Not Quite a Hero in a Zero

Another recent freebie I picked up for my World of Warplanes hangar was the tier V premium Japanese Mitsubishi A6M3 (experimental), I just haven't had too much good luck trying to fly it.

This plane shares a lot in common with the other Zeros, such as decent speed and maneuverability, along the high susceptibility of catching fire very easily. However, one might be lured into thinking it brings a bigger punch to the party, since it is armed with 30 mm Type 2 autocannons.

Yes and no. Yes, when the cannons hit, they can tear away a good chunk of health from any opponent caught the cross-hairs. No, because these slow firing, close range weapons are hard to aim well in maneuvering combat.

Well, at least for me they are....